Hawaii Tour 2018

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SCHEDULE A WORKSHOP FOR A GROUP OF TEN OR MORE, FOR MORE INFORMATION, call 623-255-8491 or send an email with the "Seminar" in the subject line to: seminars@tropicalpolynesianproductions.com

Hula Boot Camp: an intensive weekend of Hula Kahiko (Ancient Hula) and Hula Auana (Modern Hula).

Tahitian Boot Camp: an intensive weekend of Aparima (Slow Tahitian Hula) and Otea (fast hip isolation movement)

Maori New Zealand Boot Camp: an intensive weekend of learning Poi dances and twirling Poi balls.

Advanced Poi Lessons: Learning to twirl lighted Poi balls and fire Poi.

South Pacific Dance Boot Camp: All of the above (except the Advance Poi Lessons) and Samoan, Fijian, and Tongan.

Samoan Fire and Knife Boot Camp: Learn about the knife, how to wrap it for fire, safety tips, basic twirling techniques, and costuming ideas. The basic twirl, throw, and figure-8 for beginners will be explained and demonstrated.


Please call and/or send email for seminar rates.  Accommodations and Travel must be provided by sponsoring organization/dance studio, if  over 50 miles and/or outside the state of Arizona.

Seminars are usually One- or Two- day, lasting 7 hours each day and includes a 1 hour lunch break.

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